Beautifully Imperfect

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A Family adversetisement about the Eulogy of a wife who's recently lost her husband.

"Malalaman mo ang halaga ng isang tao pg wla na ito sa buhay mo."

Really hope, this brings sumthin up to your life as much as it did to me in a different aspect siyempre. Every individual has its own imperfections and that makes them who they are. These are the diversities in life that i truly enjoy.

We only have a short time on this earth, make the most of it be it family, work or life. Appreciate what you hve cause time tht has past will never come back again.

Loving acceptance in FAMILY LIFE is just so valuable... True wholeness and maturity in relationship is best expressed when we fully accept and show VALUE towards our loved ones, and FOR their imperfections, not just in spite of them... Any REAL human would be touched by this...

"In life,don't go looking for the perfect one but the most perfect one for you and it's the imperfections that are the sweetest memories"

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