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Out of the thousands of blogs that are created each day, no one probably noticed the arrival of an upstart blog called Perhaps no one even cared. In spite of this, archmiester still continued what it is destined to do - to talk about the world of blogging, share past experiences, and give some helpful tips for other hopeful bloggers even without the light of the blogging spotlight.

What is Archmiester

Archmiester is yet another attempt of Archie morales at the world of blogging. It is the product of countless hours of brainstorming powered by 10 peso burgers and bottles of C2 green tea, a weeks worth of grueling hard work, and an allowance equivalent of internet rental hours spent on a number of internet rental shops (Yes, I don’t have an internet yet).

What is Archmiester about

This is a blog that is focused on the world around us in general but also has some interest on one particular side of the blogosphere. archmiester talks about the different topics , like its history, the pinoy blogging community, its effects, its usefulness and every little thing in between. It even throws some useful tips and guides along the way.

Who is behind archmiester?
archmiester is created and maintained by archiemorales and he is being help by his 2 copy wirtters jomar and daniel miester

Why archmiester?
archmiester is a name that I have thought up after I decided to create a blog about anything. I have always wanted a unique sounding name that will set my blog apart from all the others out there. I came up with great names like the misadventures of archie morales, wanderer and many more, archmiester is obviouly patterned to my name but the miester word is german for master and if you can recall stiffler for the movie american pie my personality is kinda like that so that why i combined my name with miester and walahh!! archmiester is born

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