13 Kinds of Sex Every Couple Should Have

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Every couple needs to change up their sexual routine every now and again so it doesn't become just that -- a routine. Sexual experimentation is key for keeping a long-term relationship fresh, fun and fulfilling. Opening up about your desires can also bring you and your partner closer together. "Experimenting with each other requires a willingness to be vulnerable, which improves intimacy," - archmiester

Holiday Sex
If there's a three-day weekend associated with any holiday, you better believe that couples are getting busy between the sheets. Valentine's Day, Labor Day, Independence day and especially New Year's Eve see a spike in sexual activity and conception, according to my experience. No wonder. Who doesn't want to start the New Year off right? everybody wants to start it with a BANG

Make-Up Sex
A passionate argument can lead to some just-as-passionate action between the sheets. Fighting causes dopamine and adrenaline levels to rise, making you and your partner excitable in more ways than one. Every couple faces occasional conflict, and sex after a disagreement can be a great way to get your relationship back on track. "When you're upset with each other, you need to be able to get over it and move on," says Fertel. "Sex changes the momentum after an argument."

Vacation Sex
he two of you may be tucked away in a private room, but the deed can still feel thrillingly public. And those crisp, clean sheets are just begging to be rumpled. Best of all, a vacation can be a great opportunity to re-connect with your partner sexually. "One of the benefits of a vacation should be to renew your sexual intimacy," Fertel says. If you usually plan every minute of a trip, make sure you schedule time for sex. For example, plan to stay at the hotel until mid-morning or to come right back to your room after dinner for a relaxing night together.

Animalistic Sex
A sense of urgency can turn up the heat in a major way. Being aggressive can be fun and unexpected -- romance with a twist. After all, it's an element of mystery that defines romance. "It's when you don't quite know what to expect," Fertel says. So if you're in the mood, ripping each other's clothes off and skimping on foreplay could be an exciting change of pace.

Comfort Sex
Like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, sometimes you just need something that's simple, familiar and satisfying. It's one way to provide love and support when you or your partner has had a rough day or is feeling down. This is when it might be time to use your favorite stand-by position, one that you and your partner always enjoy. "When it comes to the climax, sometimes it needs to be in a certain way, and that's OK," says Fertel.

Hope-We-Don't-Get-Caught Sex
f you're at a boring party or family gathering, add a little spice to the evening by sneaking away to the spare bedroom. The possibility of getting caught adds a new level of excitement to your sex life and can even give you a reason to look forward to spending the holidays with the in-laws.

Fulfill-Your-Fantasy Sex
Everyone has sexual fantasies, and as long as both you and your partner feel comfortable acting them out, there's no reason you shouldn't try them. "We should be pursuing each other's fantasies, assuming they're appropriate," says Fertel. For example, if your partner has always dreamed of doing the deed on a boat, why not rent one and spend a romantic night at sea? All aboard!

Quickie Sex
If you're pressed for time, don't write off sex just yet -- this is when "the quickie" comes in handy. Just make sure it's something both parties want; an unfulfilling experience for either one of you can foster resentment and, over time, weaken the relationship. When someone says yes to sex when she really means no, "she's not doing him a favor; she's making a mistake," Fertel says. "It will turn her off to him sexually long-term."

Romantic, Sensual Sex
Taking the time to savor sex without rushing through it can be luxurious and fulfilling on many levels. Connecting with your partner by taking it slow means you get to enjoy every moment of being together and lets you take advantage of the emotional connection that makes sex better. Whether it takes candles, music or some bubbly, building the mood can provide a major boost between the sheets.

All-Over-the-House Sex
Switching up your lovemaking location can be a great way to inject some spontaneity into a relationship, which in turn can make your partner feel even more desirable. "Spontaneity is beautiful. It's fun and exciting," says Fertel. "Too often people get into a routine where they have sex at the same time, at the same place." If you and your partner are doing the laundry together, for example, pulling him or her close for a quick rendezvous can be surprising and refreshing. It's good, clean fun -- no detergent required!

Outdoor Sex
You tell your kids to go play outside -- now it's time to practice what you preach! Bringing your sexual escapades outside can be fun and invigorating. If you're camping in a tent or live on a large piece of property, those can be great opportunities to try something new. But to avoid legal problems, it's best to keep your shenanigans private. "The caution is to make sure you're somewhere where you could not be in the public eye," Fertel says. So venture outside to learn more about the birds and the bees.

Position of the Week Sex
Trying out a new position offers the chance to learn more about what brings your partner pleasure. Some positions work better than others for helping a woman orgasm, and experimenting with new ones can give you a better feel for what works -- and what doesn't. Mixing it up keeps sex fresh and prevents it from becoming routine, Fertel says. That makes it more likely you and your partner will keep doing it -- literally.
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Today’s Depressing “Bestiality” Pictures Are Brought To You By The Luckiest Dude On Earth

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unbelievable photos of how a young innocent-looking girl can really enter the relationship version of a nuclear holocaust. Indeed, “Andy” says, “if these aren’t ‘bestiality,’ then I don’t know what is.”

I’d like to reassure everyone that the dude[above] is just sleeping, despite overwhelming “visual indications” that he’s been dead for at least three centuries

So where is your god now?

This photo [above] has radically changed my views on “tongue action.”

After the cut, more you’ll-shit-in-your-pants bestiality photos, plus more pictures of this heartbreakingly confused [although jailbaity cute] girl.


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Katrina halili and hayden kho videos

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The “careless video” of two people, believed to be sexy star Katrina Halili and controversial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hayden Kho Jr., has surfaced on the Internet.

The video, a copy of which was uploaded on YouTube, shows a couple that resembles Halili and Kho dancing provocatively in their underwear as the male sings “Careless Whisper.”

A blogger noted that Kho performed the same song with Halili when he was one of the contestants of the reality-based talent show “Celebrity Duets.”

Kho and his former girlfriend, fellow cosmetic surgeon Dra. Vicki Belo, allegedly broke up after the latter obtained a copy of the said video late last year. Kho and Halili, former endorsers of Belo Medical Group, admitted that they had a romantic affair but both denied the alleged existence of a sex video.

After Belo broke up with Kho, who is at least 20 years her junior, he reportedly tried to commit suicide and that he wrote “I love you Vicki” on his body as his desperate attempt to profess his love for Belo.

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Kamay Ni Hesus (lucban quezon adventure part1)

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From its initial construction last 2004, the Kamay ni Hesus Via Dolorosa Grotto and Healing Church has become one of the, if not the most, popular places in Quezon. Not that it's a mere tourist spot, no. Fr. Joey Faller, a family friend and renowned healing priest of Lucban, runs the place and celebrates his healing masses here every Monday and Saturday at 09.30 AM. Pilgrims and those who seek physical and spiritual healing travel to the mystical town of Lucban just to visit Kamay ni Hesus.

This one is really really awesome healing church and rosary hill!

This is one of the places that I would surely go back. This shot is taken when we arrive at the foot of the hill it is sunny outside so we did have a chance to savor the beauty of the place. When we are approaching Kamay ni Jesus, we just saw Jesus Christ statue on top of the mountain. Later we realized that it was a rosary garden where you have to climb 300+ steps as you pray the different rosary mysteries. As you can see in the bottom, there is the last supper and on top, the crucifixion. The Field of Faith never came close to the beauty of this rosary hill.

Kamay ni Hesus features a healing church with Fr. Joey Faller giving a healing mass every Monday and Saturday 9.30am. Approximately the place is just around for a year but there have been some pilgrimage already to this place. When we arrive there are still alot of construction going on in the parking lot. This is still in Lucban and would definitely be in our next itinerary when visiting Lucban.

this is only the 1st part of my adventure on lucban quezon keep on visiting to see more updates

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